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Bangla translator needed - swapusdbd - 26/09/2019

Some of you already know that my Bangla typing is not very good. I struggle with finding words/letters and I do not think the time worth to learn some simple typing. I am well okay to buy a service instead. So I feel comfortable typing in English and obviously sometime I type English of the Bangla words.

I am planning to create few articles and also some forum related topics which will be in English but I will need someone to translate them in proper Bangla (without using any automated tools). I will go one by one basis since with this forum I do not have any hurry. You will get paid for the work you will do. I can not guarantee you a pay rate that the first world pay but I can offer you a pay rate that Banglai people will be happy with it.

I can pay you in bKash or BTC. Keep the payment information private as always.

If you are interested to help building this community and also to earn a small amount of money then feel free to response in this thread with some of the previous translation job you have done so far.

PS: This will be an on going project. So feel free to drop your application whenever you want. No hurry at all again.

Good luck.