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Forum rules
  • Once you are registered, you are abide by forum rules and terms. If you do not agree then please do not use the account anymore.
  • Ignore the user ranktest. It's a test account.
  • In international section you will only post in English, in Bangla (Bangladesh) section you will only post in Bangla (Bangladeshi) and in Local section you are allowed to use your local language specified for boards.
  • No NSFW contents
  • No referral link in The forum section. If you create a thread in other sections/boards, you can only post one referral link. No referral link in posts/thread replies.
  • No abusive language (acceptable slags are allowed), bodily harming threat, no trolling.
  • No plagiarism. Result is ban without warning.
  • Alt accounts are allowed.
  • Ban user can not create a new account or post from alt account for up-to 60 days from the day they were banned.
  • No begging.
  • No low value and pointless threads or thread reply that adds nothing in the conversation
  • No off-topic posts
  • No link/URL shorteners. 
  • No malware or phishing links. This is a very serious crime and you will be banned.
  • No duplicate post in multiple boards unless it's appropriate.
  • No bumps in between 24 hours of the last bump. Old bumps should be deleted.
  • In Currency exchange board, do not have more than one active thread from one user.
  • Possible scams are no moderated, when trade in the forum trade with your own risk.
  • Reputation is not moderated. Practicing misuse of Reputation will result in ban.
  • The staffs have the ultimate right to follow their interpretation when they moderate any thread/post.
  • During a ban period you are only allowed to post in the Meta board. Posting in other board will harm your reputation if spotted
  • Do you use automated translation or bot to post. You will be banned.
  • Sending spam message to other forum users for advertising is not allowed. You will be banned if reported.

Last not least - please read following again which was displayed before your registration. 
Quote:Whilst we attempt to edit or remove any messages containing inappropriate, sexually orientated, abusive, hateful, slanderous, or threatening material that could be considered invasive of a person's privacy, or which otherwise violate any kind of law, it is impossible for us to review every message posted on this discussion system. For this reason you acknowledge that all messages posted on this discussion system express the views and opinions of the original message author and not necessarily the views of this bulletin board. Therefore we take no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy and completeness of every message.
By registering on this discussion system you agree that you will not post any material which is knowingly false, inaccurate, abusive, hateful, harassing, sexually orientated, threatening or invasive of a person's privacy, or any other material which may violate any applicable laws.
Failure to comply with these rules may result in the termination of your account, account suspension, or permanent ban of access to these forums. Your IP Address is recorded with each post you make on this discussion system and is retrievable by the forum staff if need-be. You agree that we have the ability and right to remove, edit, or lock any account or message at any time should it be seen fit. You also agree that any information you enter on this discussion system is stored in a database, and that "cookies" are stored on your computer to save your login information.
Any information you provide on these forums will not be disclosed to any third party without your complete consent, although the staff cannot be held liable for any hacking attempt in which your data is compromised.
By continuing with the sign up process you agree to the above rules and any others that the Administrator specifies.

... in progress.
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