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Unpublished Phone Numbers
Now more than ever the general public is becoming more aware of their own privacy and guarding it much better than before. Years ago you could list your telephone number and home address without any worries that something could occur from doing so. Now with the success of the endless social networking websites and technology as a whole, people are having their privacy invaded and it has to be taken seriously. Staring to protect your own rights can be done by obtaining unpublished phone numbers to ward off any unwanted callers. phone number list
Having a phone number that is not publicly displayed has its cons and pros. The cons are that you no longer have to be concerned that strangers all around the world, or even some people you particularly do not care for can have instant access to your home or cell phone numbers. To obtain a private listing, you generally must inform the telephone company that you do not wish to have your number posted and it may cost you a small fee to have that private listing. This also is an effective way to steer clear of telemarketers as well, as many have not only gained a private number, but also followed through with adding themselves to the 'do not call' list in which those marketing agencies can not call you to sell you their products.
The cons to having a private listed telephone number are that is not free. Most telephone companies in the United States charge a fee of two dollars to possess a private listing. This is a small price to pay for some to gain back their freedom and privacy. The other con is that there could be cases in which a lost family member or someone from the neighborhood is in need of contacting you and they will not be bale to obtain that contact information with a private listing.
Another is that with the popularity of most residents as well as cell phone carriers possessing the caller identification feature on their phone lines, you may have to jump through a few hoops just to make a phone call. For example, some can have services on their phone lines that do not permit a private caller to place a call to their homes. This means you would have to push a code to unblock your unpublished phone numbers to call them. It is an individual choice and many that have dealt with some form of harassment in the past feel more at ease having the private listings over the public ones.

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